How i can extend the width for SideNav

MDB SupportCategory: MDB jQueryHow i can extend the width for SideNav
Mousa Pro User asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:4.5


How i can extend the width for SideNav? I think the standard width is 240px,  I want to change to 260px.

Also how I can toggle between minmam and full width for sidenav like this example :


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Marta Szymanska answered 5 days ago


for now, we don’t have such option but we will add this idea to our future features list.



Marta Szymanska answered 1 week ago


add this code to your CSS if you want to change width:

.side-nav {
width: 260px;

But I’m not sure what you mean with an example from Creative Tim. Please, explain.



Mousa Pro User replied 7 days ago

Thanks Marta,

I mean, I want to control on side nav menu to open it as a default view now, and minimum it with keep the only icons without the titles.