How to add MDB to ng4 w/ webpack starter

MDB SupportCategory: MDB AngularHow to add MDB to ng4 w/ webpack starter
Garett Kernen asked 11 months ago in MDB free, version:4

I have a new app using the ng4/webpack starter at and want to try mdb in my project. With the raw starter up and running how do I add mdb to my existing starter app. Maybe a noob question/problem but I can\\\\\\\’t get it to work Cheers-G

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Best Answer Pro User answered 11 months ago

Check this thread out…this should work for 4.1 Free/PRO

Installing MDB angular 4 in existing angular-cli project

Edyta Dabrowska answered 11 months ago

Sorry, but we don’t support it like this. In order to use MDB and Angular4 please download Angular Bootstrap with Material Design.

Garett Kernen replied 11 months ago

Thanks for the response…but then why have a support channel?