Integrate with Laravel (5.5) in single app

MDB SupportCategory: MDB AngularIntegrate with Laravel (5.5) in single app
Rafał Morawiec asked 6 months ago in MDB free, version:5.1


How I can do it?

Dawid Adach Pro User replied 6 months ago

Dear Rafał, we haven’t tested it along with Laravel, therefore, we cannot provide you with any guidelines. We will be testing it soon, though.

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richp Pro User answered 6 months ago

What I do is place the files from my mdb/css and mdb/js into my public/css and public/js directories. Then add the links to those files in your master.blade.php file.  Also, you may need to remove app.js from your public/js directory. Some people have reported that there are compatibility issues with mdb.js and app.js but I have not encountered any yet.

The below tutorial is not mdb specific but should give you the general idea.