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Authentic Pro UserPremium asked 6 days ago in MDB pro, version:6.1.2

I’m trying to install angular pro version via npm, but cant login (

to get the token. Ho do I need a login?

I emailed the contact email address, but can’t get a response.

Damian Gemza replied 1 day ago

Dear Authentic,
Our github repo is free to use. I think, that you wanted to write gitlab, but you wrote gitlab.
Today someone from our team should contact with your from address.
Best Regards,

Authentic Pro UserPremium replied 1 day ago

my email is

Authentic Pro UserPremium replied 1 day ago

Our company is assigned to Flavio Cortes to also receive emails is it possible that they send us the instruction to enter github?

Damian Gemza replied 5 days ago

Dear Authentic,
After purchase, our system is automatically creating an account on our git server ( The system is generating activation email and send it via email. Please make sure to check spam folder. In case you haven’t received it within an hour for placing the order – please contact our support team at
Best Regards,

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Filip Kapusta Premium answered 1 day ago

Hello, I see that your GitLab account is up and running.

You should have access to all the required files.

Please try to log in with the email address used during purchase process: cpa***ni*

Also, this is the inbox that you should search for the activation email.

If there’s still any problem we’ll reach you directly via