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gabrielmustiere Pro User asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:4.5.8

Hi, I bought the mdb-bootstrap big bundle less than a year ago, and I don’t appear as a pro user on the forum, can you do the necessary.

Thank you

Bartłomiej Malanowski Pro User replied 1 week ago

Gabriel, you’re not appearing as a pro user, because I cannot see an order associated with your e-mail address

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gabrielmustiere Pro User answered 1 week ago

I know, my profile is blocked in this state since I made the request for invoice in order to give it to the accounting department of my company, invoice which I never received even though I was well debited financially. Can you please regularize the situation.

Br, Gabriel.

Bartłomiej Malanowski Pro User replied 4 days ago

Please contact me at and provide me your order ID. I’ll do my best to resolve your issue

gabrielmustiere Pro User answered 4 days ago