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morgan_chester Pro UserPremium asked 2 weeks ago in MDB pro, version:4.5.6

Have a modal which is created after the containing form loaded from ajax, so I need to initialize a nice view of mdboostrap inputs after the modal is shown. What’s the best way to?

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Piotr Glejzer answered 2 weeks ago

You can customize your inputs form our documentation. Did you use our documentation about inputs?
Here is a link :
Bootstrap Inputs group

or if you want you can use javascript/jquery to change a view of inputs after showed modal.

Is that resolve your problem? If not let me know I will try to help you again.

Piotr Glejzer replied 1 week ago

Can you show me an example of what did you try to do or what do you expect or what is not working? It will help a lot.

morgan_chester Pro User replied 2 weeks ago

no, I mean how to initialize an input view if an input is created on-the-fly or loaded from ajax? It hasn’t a nice material label and other material styles like those displayed on the page load