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Navbar stops working after upgrade to 5.1.0

MDB SupportCategory: MDB AngularNavbar stops working after upgrade to 5.1.0
shilu911 Pro User asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:510

Hi there,

I just upgraded from 5.0.5 to 5.1.0, and the navbar just stops working, doesn’t show any content inside of <mdb-navbar></mdb-navbar>.

After digging into the source code, I found in the navbar.component.html, it is missingĀ <ng-content></ng-content> which exists on the 2nd line of version 5.0.5. So, I added this line and it starts working again.

Furthermore, there are two lines of<ng-content select=”logo” ></ng-content>, shall I delete one?


Damian Gemza replied 1 week ago

Hi shilu911, please, do not delete any line from navbar.component.html. It’s strange cause it should works fine. We have tested it.. It’s good that you found solution by self.
Best Regards,

1 Answers
Andrew Pro User answered 1 week ago

I have the same problem. Definitely something wrong with the navbar.component.html having two logo content areas. It also seems like the examples for the standard navbar are inconsistent with the navbar section in the double-nav examples.

Damian Gemza replied 5 days ago

Dear Andrew,
In next release, we’ll fix double nav code, so it won’t be broken no longer.