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sinanc Pro UserPremium asked 7 days ago in MDB pro, version:4.5.5

Dear MDB Team,

I am using RequireJS to load my JS files. However MDB does not support officially requirejs. In some other discussions ( ) you have mentioned that with version 4.4.0 you will support the requirejs. I downloaded the latest version 4.5.5 and I still have the same problems. I need that very urgent, since I cannot use the mdb plugins.

Could you please inform me about your road map? When are you seriously planning to support requirejs?

Thanks in advance

Sinan Can

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Bartłomiej Malanowski Pro User answered 6 days ago

Hello there!

Integration with RequireJS is still on our TODO list. Since we’re focused on a lot of projects, we cannot provide you an estimated time. Anyway, could you please tell us what have you tried so far and what’s the error?

sinanc Pro UserPremium answered 1 day ago


I am getting  this error:


I could use the plugin, if I include it from modules directory as a regular jquery plugin.

For the time being this workaround would do my job.


Thank you

Sinan Can

Anna Morawska replied 15 hours ago

thank you for reporting a problem. It’s on our TODO list along with integration with RequireJS.