Reveal Animations When Scrolling can't run in IE 11

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Wa Zon asked 11 months ago in MDB free, version:4

After updating MDB 4.4.1, I found that WOW.js which achieves reveal animations in MDBootstarp seems to have some problems.

For example:

cannot display properly in Internet Explorer 11.

After reading mdb.js, I suspect that using “window.scrollY” may lead to this problem. Because it’s not supported by IE.

MDB 4.3.2 don’t have this problem.

2 Answers
Edyta Dabrowska answered 11 months ago

Thank you for this post. We will test it and improve in the future.

ilivingston Pro User replied 8 months ago

This is still a problem. Any work around?

iamkevinjohnson Pro User replied 9 months ago

Is there a solution to this issue?

ilivingston Pro User answered 8 months ago

The fix for this is to modify the WOW.js file and replace window.scrollY with window.pageYOffset.

found here: