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athleticssoftware Pro User asked 6 months ago in MDB pro, version:4


We would like to make it so that the SideNav doesn’t cover up the footer of our site. That way when someone scrolls to the bottom of a page it doesn’t cover up any content in the footer if its open. What should we edit to accomplish this. Most of what we tried doesn’t seem to have any effect. To be clear. If the footer is not in view the SideNav should take up all of the height of the window. We tried using Sticky Content to do this and it didn’t work.




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Damian Gemza answered 6 months ago

Hi Christopher,

Could you provide me some screenshots of your’s situation? Or sample code? It will help me to solve your’s case.

Best Regards,


Damian Gemza replied 6 months ago

yes of course. Here you go:

athleticssoftware Pro User replied 6 months ago

Hi Damian, can you send me your e-mail address? I would be happy to share a screen shot privately.