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Support for Bootstrap 4 Beta 3

MDB SupportCategory: MDB jQuerySupport for Bootstrap 4 Beta 3
delphiadev Pro User asked 2 weeks ago in MDB pro, version:4

When is the next release that support Bootstrap 4 Beta 3 will be released?

1 Answers
Best Answer
Bartłomiej Malanowski answered 2 weeks ago

New version of MDB with Bootstrap 4 beta-3 will be released next week

Bartłomiej Malanowski replied 1 week ago

I recommend you to signup for our newsletter. You can also signup for push notifications on our website. We also always share the information about new releases on our social media profiles

delphiadev Pro User replied 1 week ago

Can I get an answer on where I could find the announcement for the new version of MDB?

delphiadev Pro User replied 2 weeks ago

Great thank you. Where do you guys post the announcement when a new version is released? I am having a hard time to find such a page.