switch color class broke

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weshuiz13 Pro User asked 3 months ago in MDB pro, version:450

when trying the switch element everything seems fine the switch is nice and good untill i add a switch color class to it

for example

<!– Switch –>
<divclass=”switch mdb-color-switch”>

how ever adding this chance nothing happend the color stay’s the same no matter what or how

3 Answers
Marta Szymanska answered 3 months ago


have you added a CSS code like on the documentation page: https://mdbootstrap.com/components/bootstrap-switch/#colors ?



weshuiz13 Pro User answered 3 months ago

a cording to that link i have to apply switch-primairy to chance the theme from purple to the primairy color

but when i try it it does not work


if i add a color theme on a button 4 example it works fine

what is going rong?

Marta Szymanska answered 3 months ago


you need to add additional CSS to change switch color as we wrote in our documentation.