What other items stated but not included in the Pro version purchase?

MDB SupportCategory: OtherWhat other items stated but not included in the Pro version purchase?
Stanley Davenport Pro User asked 11 months ago

Just so I get this straight. You advertised that buy purchasing the Pro Version of your program I would gain access to more tools and items than if I just use the FREE version? Correct?

Now after purchasing and unzipping I find that I do not have access to all items as advertised.

  1. No Pro Level tutorial videos (the response is they are coming at a future date)

What other items will I not have access to?

I believe that if you cannot deliver 100% of the product that I have purchased then a partial refund would be the right and honest thing to do.  In fact, where and how do I get/use the 2000 Premium Components & the 30+ Premium Sections & the 22 Premium Plugins as well as the JavaScript Modules not included with the FREE version?

Where are they in the file structure below?   I only want to know because I purchased the Pro Version after much deliberation and the fact that the language is particularly appealing to Google.

Well unfortunately I cannot paste or attache into this editor. But the file structure is:

css  font   img   js   mdb-addons   sass   templates   index.html   license.pdf   readme.txt

Thank You

Stanley Davenport Pro User replied 11 months ago

Could someone at least tell me how to get to the Pro Version Tutorials. Forget the videos, I understand there are none. But what about the Prov Version Tutorials? I’m sorry, but I am trying to get away from WordPress and I have now invested in your bundle for creating better than average websites using Bootstrap. I just want to learn an understand how so I may use this new knowledge to better my life. Thank You.

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Michal Szymanski answered 11 months ago

Dear Stanley,

perhaps you have noticed that a few days ago we have delivered the biggest update in the history of MDB, together with Bootstrap 4 Beta (developed by 2 years).

Do you really think that creating high-quality tutorials will happen in a second? Please, give us some time. We are in the middle of it. Right now you can use first, free basic lessons.

But if you wish you still can have access to the previous, pro tutorials. The problem is, they are not compatible with the newest version of MDB and Bootstrap itself.

Nevertheless, if you want to have it write me on m.szymanski@mdbootstrap.com

Best Regards,

Stanley Davenport Pro User replied 11 months ago

I want to start with the version I purchased. I certainly would not be ready for a new version if I am still trying to use and understand a previous one. So yes, I would like to use the Pro Version tutorials as that is the package I downloaded.

Please try to understand that everyone who buys your product is not a professional programmer and will need a little hand holding as they break into building sites on Bootstrap. I am educating myself through online courses and yes I do understand that it takes effort on your part to have up-to-date tutorials for every new release. But it should not be like reinventing from the scratch. Keep the existing Pro tutorials for some time so that novices like me can benefit from our purchase of that version and reuse what is compatible for the new release so as to build new tutorials out from there.

Yes I want to use the existing tutorials for the version I purchased. Once I understand those then I will move forward and play catch up with the latest updated version. I will still be behind but it will all be new to me. Kindly accept my apology for being so obstinate.
Thank you for being patient with me and keep up the good work.