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MDB WordPress Tutorial

WordPress tutorial – free, complete and easy guide

Written by Dawid Adach ,

What is it about?

What comes out of integration Material Design and Bootstrap? Powerful and beautiful framework - MDB. Imagine what will happen when we combine MDB with the most common blogging platform in the world - WordPress? That will be outstanding.

Along these tutorials, we will teach you how to build elegant and responsive web pages like blog, e-commerce, landing page, etc. This comprehensive tutorial contains everything you have to know about WordPress Theme development, starting with setting the environment, through WordPress installation and configuration, setting up theme construction, development including custom widgets and functions. The tutorial is divided into multiple lessons. If you are new, you should start from the very first lesson, however, if you already have some experience you can start from more advanced lessons.

If you want to get more excited and see what possibilities offers you MDB, you can read more about it here:

More about MDB

Or you can jump directly into the tutorial and start to create some amazing things right now!

MDB website displayed on iPad

Start your journey here:

 5 min QuickStart

Or perhaps would you prefer a video version?
5 min QuickStart - Video



Pre Tutorial -  Server configuration

MDB website displayed on iPad

1. Server - installation and configuration

2. Database - installation and configuration

3. Wordpress - installation and configuration

Tutorial I -   Blog Homepage

1. Wordpress Theme Creation

2. Basic structure

3. Integrating WP with MDB

4. Navbar

5. Main loop

6. Sidebar

7. Footer

MDB website displayed on desktop  


Tutorial II -  Blog Post Page + features

1. Single Post

2. get_template_part()

3. Pagination

4. Widget Area



MDB website displayed on iPhone  
Tutorial III - coming soon

Tutorial IV -  coming soon

Tutorial V -  coming soon

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About author

Dawid Adach

For more than 5 years Dawid was working as an IT Consultant specializing in SOA/EAI/ESB for banking domain. He was gaining experience working in countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and India developing enterprise class systems for the biggest companies within domain. Currently, Dawid's main focus is design & web development. He designs and develop websites using Adobe Photoshop, HTML5 / CSS3, bootstrap, JS, Meteor, AJAX, PHP and SQL.

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    excellent,We are waiting for the advanced tutorial !

  • Dawid Adach

    Dear Jack, within this time we have been working on other things like MDB 4, Material Design for WordPress (https://mdwp.io) and few more things which we will release soon... :) Don't worry, we didn't forget about this part and we will continue it quite soon.

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