hbthegreat pro asked 5 years ago

Hi recently moved to a new computer and went to NPM install for my project (we have had our packages locked to 5.0.0 angular for quite a while as it is stable and working as intended)

Only to find that mdboostrap pro version requires dependencies that were newer than angular 5.0.0.

So I went out and upgrade all of my angular packages to 5.2.7 in an attempt to resolve this only to find that MDBootstrap no longer workers at all on that version (blank screens where all mdb elements should be)

2 questions:
1. When will the repository be updated to work with 5.2.7?
2. If it is not going to be upgraded is there a way I can lock the version coming out of git as I can't run a realistic project having to upgrade packages when external frontend libraries decide to update the dependencies on my project?

Fred Roberts pro commented 5 years ago

I am just getting started with MDB Angular, and am having troubles getting some of the examples working, and expect I am encountering the same issues as you. I take the example code for "Full Page Intro with fixed Navbar" from here: https://mdbootstrap.com/angular/layout/navigation/#i-f-n The example looks like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17R_0cP1f9zoUdpAm3BCEfibB3Q1STBGb But what I get is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EaEP_2gsVYlLPBrQilqC9iIo5CdXNXBQ I would also be interested in a being provided a stable set of versions/dependencies that I can use with the mdb components for Angular . . .

Damian Gemza staff commented 5 years ago

Dear hbthegreat, I've encoutered our MDB Angular Pro vs Angular 5.2.7, and i'm not receiving a blank page. Maybe there's some problem by your side? 1) We upgrade Angular version for our packages with every update. With next release, it will be compatible with latest Angular version, 2) MDB always uses few patches below latest Angular version. In most cases, there's no difference in working our library with latest Angular, so feel free to update you Angular when you need it. We're releasing a new version of MDB Angular in 1-2 weeks period, so it's quite fast in my opinion. Dear Fred, I'll check this case and try to fix this ASAP. Thanks for your report! Best Regards, Damian

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