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MPL premium asked 1 year ago

Hi all I have the following:

<mdb-tab (click)="showRouteMap()" title="Route Map"> <div id="map" style="width: 100%!important; height: 800px"></div> </mdb-tab>

however when I click the tab nothing happens. I also don't see the click event when I inspect element as if it is being ignored.

Wondering if anyone can help with this?



<mdb-tab title="Airports">

<mdb-tab (click)="showRouteMap()" title="Route Map">
  <div id="map" style="width: 100%!important; height: 800px"></div>


``` import {Component, OnInit} from '@angular/core'; import * as L from "leaflet";

@Component({ selector: 'app-airports', templateUrl: './airports.component.html', styleUrls: ['./airports.component.scss'] }) export class AirportsComponent implements OnInit {

constructor( ) { }

async ngOnInit(): Promise { }

public async showRouteMap() { // Allow the dom to load await new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, 2000));

const map ="map").setView([0.0, 0.0], 3);
let googleRoadMap = L.gridLayer.googleMutant({
  type: 'terrain',



  position: 'topleft',
  forceSeparateButton: true,
  forcePseudoFullscreen: true,
  fullscreenElement: false

} }


The click event will not work in this case because this element is not rendered directly in the tabs template, we just take the information about the tab content and title and use it to create a custom HTML code.

You can listen to the activeTabChange event on the mdb-tabs component.

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