Topic: Angular Material Select slow to open

chrisworrell pro asked 6 years ago

Using the exact example provided on the documentation when I click on the select box it takes about half a second to respond and then another half a second to slow fade in and then it pops in front of the text. What doesn't make sense is why is the functionality so different from the example (my only guess is that the example is showing the MDB component and not the Angular component?) On a side note, if you guys are going to be charging 80 bucks for your angular pro, could you at least spend the time and update the examples to actually use Angular and not just copy paste the MDB components will give us an actual idea of the intended functionality, as well as make sure the documentation links don't constantly take me right back to the MDB page?

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear @chrisworell, By default we have set a delay of 200 ms on material select so it looks like at attached video: If you want to change it you can adjust it editing following lines for ope node_modules/ng-pro/pro/material-select/select-dropdown.component.ts: 64: setTimeout( () => { container.add('fadeInSelect'); }, 200 ); and for close: ng-pro/pro/material-select/select.component.ts: 330: setTimeout( () => { if (this.isOpen) { this.clearFilterInput(); this.isOpen = false; if (focus) { this.focus(); } this.closed.emit(null); } }, 200 ); by changing default value you can either speed up or slowdown Video after adjustment:

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