Topic: Angular mdb-select bugs/features

fonzzz pro asked 4 years ago

Hello, I have a couple of things related to the Angular mdb-select, as well as some feature suggestions, so I'm posting this in 1 topic, This is my old code (before mdbootstrap)
<label for="selectEdit">Select a view to edit.</label> <select
class="form-control" id="selectEdit" [(ngModel)]="viewToEdit"
(ngModelChange)="editView()" required>
<option *ngFor='let item of editableViews' [ngValue]="item">{{}}</option>
This is the new code:
<mdb-select [options]="editableViewOpts" [(ngModel)]="viewToEdit" (selected)="editView()"></mdb-select> <label>Select a view to edit.</label> (Although the model has the same name, it changed from an object to a string in the code) To migrate I need quite some changes (and I have a lot of select boxes).
  • My model used to be an object which was selected from a list of these objects, now the model needs to be a number or a string.
    • It would be nice to allow the <option> syntax as for the regular select.
    • It would be nice to allow the value to be an object. Now you need to lookup the object after the select happened, which is not very nice.
    • On top, id 0 does not seem to work! (This is a bug for me). The simple workaround for not being able to use objects as values is to use the index in the array, which includes 0

Damian Gemza staff commented 4 years ago

Dear fonzzz, Thanks for your suggestions! We will take your suggestions into mind when developing a new version of Material Select. Best Regards, Damian

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