Topic: Angular MDB5 4.1.0 Advanced plugins access

mydancebay priority asked 11 months ago

Expected behavior I bought a license for Angular Advanced with all access to paid plugins for ezommerce. I also received an email saying that I now have access to the repositories of these plugins. However, from the links in the email, I only see 404 pages from gitlabs. How do I access all paid plugins if I have already purchased them? Actual behavior Plugins repositories are unavailable for my account.enter image description here Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

mydancebay priority commented 11 months ago

And I can't add screenshots here

mydancebay priority commented 11 months ago

And why I still have access only for 4.1 version if you have already 6.4 version??

mydancebay priority commented 11 months ago

Problem is solved downloading from orders page. But I still not have access to 6.4 version

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 11 months ago

The latest version of MDB Angular is 4.1.0. The 6.4.0 version you mentioned is from MDB Standard library, which is a different product (for applications that use only plain Javascript).

We will check the problem with access to the products from advanced license and let you know what we found.

mydancebay priority commented 11 months ago

Oh, gotcha! Thank you for answer!

mydancebay priority commented 11 months ago

I've already downloaded all archives with plugins from Thank you! But I need to check for updates manually so?

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 11 months ago


I have already replied to the email you sent us regarding this case

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