Topic: Angular time picker documentation

Dev-Team HCH priority asked 3 years ago

The documentation is very limited regarding the angular time picker

There is some more documentation in the basic time picker in the options section (see:

unfortunately I have no clue, how to use the angular-version based on:

  • min / max
  • minutestep
  • autoclose

Current example is:

<mdb-time-picker [twelvehour]="false" #timePicker [autoclose]="true" [minutestep]="15" ></mdb-time-picker>

Can you please state how to use the min / max, minutestep and autoclose functionality.

Thank you and best regards

Konrad Stępień staff answered 3 years ago

Hi @Dev-Team HCH,

Exactly as you wrote. For example

 <div class="md-form">
  <label for="form1">Example label</label>
  <mdb-timepicker #timepicker 
    [min]="'13:00'" <!--- If twelvehour === false please add "AM" or "PM" --->
    [max]="'21:00'" <!--- "09:00PM" --->

Every information about these properties you can find here.

But we'll add more examples for documentation.

Best, Konrad.

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