Topic: Angular Timepicker 24 hour bug

icontacts premium asked 2 years ago

When you use Timepicker as inline in 24 format - it's brokes when you try to change time by arrow buttons near 12 hour

Actual behavior

  • Try to set 12 hours by changing selected hour from 11 via arrowUp button

Actual result - the next hour is 13Expected result - the next hour must be 12

  • Try to set 11 hours by changing selected hour from 12 via arrowDown button

Actual result - the next hour is 23Expected result - the next hour must be 11

  • Try to set 13 hours by changing selected hour from 12 via arrowUp button

Actual result - the next hour is 01Expected result - the next hour must be 13

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

<mdb-form-control class="form-control-time">
      <input type="text"
      <label mdbLabel
      <mdb-timepicker-toggle [mdbTimepickerToggle]="timePicker"></mdb-timepicker-toggle>
      <mdb-timepicker #timePicker

Link to the Zip arj with code of MDB UI Kit project with timepicker issues example The only thing in package.json - our oauth2 token is changed to * in the link to MDB UI Kit Pro- you can change it to yours for checking.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

@icontacts Thank you for reporting this problem, we will take a closer look at that and add a fix as soon as possible.

icontacts premium commented 2 years ago

Why on your demo in the angular section of the MDB site - this feature is working?I suggest, when I'm planning to order any project that at least features from the demo section must work as it's shown.

Looks like the angular demo is implemented using jquery version of the MDB or any other - where this feature of the Timepicker works as expected.

Instead of that for now - I need to add additional dependencies to our project although I was sure that I have it on bought MDB Pro UI Kit. That is no way can be the correct attitude towards buyers of your product - provide your demo using actual MDB Angular Version.

Also, 4 months ago I've created a bug report for the MdbToast component - and I've just checked - the issue still exists. So regarding that - looks like there is no way I will be able to get Mdb Timepicker with declared functionality over the next six months (or will be provided at all).

That's a really disappointing experience, guys.

Adam Jakubowski staff answered 2 years ago

Hello @icontacts ,

I've reached out to you via the email address assigned to your mdbootstrap account.

Keep coding,


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