Anyone have a setup for MVC with Angular2 and MDB

Topic: Anyone have a setup for MVC with Angular2 and MDB

ivan44 asked 4 years ago

I want to use MDB Angular on a .Net MVC  with Angular 2 stack. I've found some samples using grunt for the build, but the MDB demo uses the angular-cli script. I'm not familiar enough with either to know which one I need to dive into. Does anyone have any .net recommendations ? or some samples with grunt build?

So basically, even if you use grunt, gulp or any task automation software, under the hood in most cases (if not all) it will use ng build under the hood. You can go along with either of them, just you can use our command there to build your app.

ivan44 commented 4 years ago

Hi Alan, thanks for the follow up. Yes, I've arrived to the same conclusion, I followed up with another post( below), I'll see if I can make that work.

ivan44 answered 4 years ago

Update to what I've found. The angular-cli application is very tanky and handles a lot of configurable tasks (serve, templating, build, sass, test, bundling, aot, treeshaking, etc.), that are going to be very cumbersome to reproduce with a gulp file, so you're better off keeping it. Visual studio does not have first class support for angular, so you have to take a few more steps to make it work. I'm following bits and pieces from the guides below. Hopefully I can end with a .net project structure and workflow that is maintainable and can be easily picked up by other developers on the team.    
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