Topic: API documentation for Angular Bootstrap calendar incorrect

TradesTek free asked 3 years ago

In the "Angular Calendar - API"

Under the Outputs section, it lists the events you can hook up to - the examples of the last 3 listChanged, monthChanged, and weekChanged are incorrect. They list $event as the only parameter, except these 3 require more parameters (and of different types).

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 years ago

Can you provide more details about the problem here? These events return an object, the code in this section is just an example of using the method that is standard for angular events.

TradesTek free commented 3 years ago

It's pretty much as stated - the API documentation is incorrect, if you follow the link

you will see the example for monthChanged is (monthChanged)="onMonthChange($event)" but the onMonthChange event expects 3 parameters as per: EventEmitter<{index: number, month: string, year: number}>

There are 2 other identical mistakes in the same section.

It looks like simple overzealous copy pasting while generating the API doco.

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