Topic: Badges [color] not working

jarenteria pro asked 3 years ago

Hello, I'm using the following code:

{{ reservation.status }}

but the badge is displayed with a white background and white text, even if I set the color like this won't display the badge with the associated color

{{ reservation.status }}

this code was working fine on 9.3.1 and as soon as I updated to 9.4.0 or even 10.0.0 won't work, do you do regression testing when there is a new version released? I think this is kind of the second time it happens.

Regards, Jose Renteria

Ps. how can I get a tgz file for 9.3.1 ?

hope55 premium answered 3 years ago

Thanks for the workaround! When is the next update to be expected? Since v10.0.0 is out 3 weeks ago, I hope there will be a fixed version rolling out soon.

I upgraded my project to angular 10 along with MDB v10.0.0 and all badge backgrounds turned to white. Since I'd like to avoid rewriting all 100 badges in my code to "class", I'd wait for the next update.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 years ago

The next update should be available in the upcoming weeks, but we can't provide an exact date yet.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 3 years ago

We already know about this problem and this bug will be fixed in the next update. If you don't have access to the v9.3.1 from your MDB profile, please contact me on and send the number of your order.

As a workaround for now, you can set the color directly to the badge class:

<mdb-badge class="red"></mdb-badge>

If you use npm installation from our GitLab server, you can always specify #version:

npm install git+ --save

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