Topic: [Bug Report] mdb-select component styling

Weiser pro asked 4 years ago


i've just found a bug on mdb-select component:

  1. the z-index is too high. If you trigger the dropdown and scroll down, the dropdown will overlap everything. I solved this by overwriting the z-index to 1.
  2. if you set the directive [multiple]="true" to mdb-select component, it wont align to the component without multipe directive. also the arrow-down seems a bit higher positioned
  3. "filterEnabled" is not working together with "multiple" directive
  4. if "filterEnabled" directive is set and you filter some values, it filters correctly, but the "no results found" tag is always visible

also i have a question regarding mdb-select with directive multiple="true": is it possible to call a viewchild method which unchecks all selected values? If so, how is the mdb-select component called?

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 4:

the mdb-select components are wrapped in a simple row with simple col-4 without any additional styles



i was able to fix the styling: the toggle arrow with multiple="true" as directive aligns now correctly and also all three collumns displays correctly inline.

i used following css in global styles.scss:

mdb-select {
z-index: 1!important;
mdb-select>div>div.multiple {
padding-top: 5px!important;
padding-bottom: 5px!important;
mdb-select>div>div.multiple>div.placeholder {
padding-bottom: 5px!important;
mdb-select>div>div.multiple>div.option {
padding-bottom: 5px!important;
mdb-select>div>div.multiple>div.toggle {
width: 30px!important;
height: 32px!important;
top: 6px!important;
z-index-1 seems to break it if you shrink the width of view to force them to wrap.

Damian Gemza staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Weiser, Points 1,2,4 will be fixed in next release of MDB Angular. For now you can download it from our dev branch: Best Regards, Damian

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