Topic: Can I configure url of MDB Builder editor to custom domain w/MDB Go?

staffordjh priority asked 9 months ago

Hello. I am very excited to learn more about MDB! I was watching and @6:08 it describes how to edit the url of the git code repository so that it has a custom url domain. I wanted to verify that this same type of configuration is available for configuring the url of the editor of the builder as well. It sounds like it is, but I wanted to verify. Thank you!

Expected behavior I would expect that this would involve mdb configure command, like mdb config domain, discussed here,, with further subdomain for editor being mdb config domain . Is this correct?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 9 months ago

Unfortunately, you can't configure your free custom subdomain like this. If you use our name to create a custom domain, you cannot have two nesting levels, hence won't work (here, editor. is one level, and custom-domain. is a second level). If you want to continue using the free SSL custom subdomains, you will have to choose a name like or some other name that you like.

However, in our Professional plan, you are able to set a custom external domain for your project - there, we support whatever domain name you like, even with 2 or more nesting levels. The only exception is that you can't use as your base domain. You will have to own the domain you choose and then you are able to set a custom domain of your choice. You can read more here:

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