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bobahrens asked 2 years ago

Hello just going thru the 5min quickstart and find that when running npm install gets a fail as it cannot download "". FYI as part of setup I generated a personal OAUTH2 token which I used when changing  REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_TOKEN.

Damian Gemza staff answered 2 years ago

Dear @bobahrens 

This is not a problem with our library, but with Node and node-sass package.

Please try to remove package-lock.json file, node_modules directory, and execute npm install one more time.

If this won't help, please try to execute the standalone installation of node-sass: npm install node-sass@latest

I'm referring you to those topics on the Internet: Topic, Topic

Best Regards,


bobahrens commented 2 years ago

seems it was a permission issue:

sudo chown [user] node_modules
$sudo npm install

resolved it.

Thanks Bob Ahrens

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