Topic: Change input mdbInput active label color

1001albertpadilla free asked 4 years ago

How do I change the active label color of input mdbInput? Similar to how we got it working for mdb-select -- mdb-select { font-size: 12px !important; color: red !important; }

Bartosz Termena staff answered 4 years ago

Dear @1001albertpadilla

Now i understand exactly what you meant. Add to your styles.scss

.md-form {
  color: red !important;

Hope it helps!

Best Regards, Bartosz.

1001albertpadilla free commented 4 years ago

It works! Thanks!

EdenredUSFleet priority commented 2 years ago

It works for me! Thanks

1001albertpadilla free answered 4 years ago

Please see attached screenshot. The Last Name field, which is currently on focus changed to red. However, what I want to change is the label for Employee Number which already has a previously entered value. Kindly help. Thanks.enter image description here

Bartosz Termena staff answered 4 years ago


Try with adding this code to your styles.scss:

.md-form input[type='text']:focus:not([readonly]) {
  box-shadow: 0 1px 0 0 red !important;
  border-bottom: 1px solid red !important;
.md-form input[type='text']:focus:not([readonly]) + label {
  color: red !important;

Hope it helps!

Best Regards, Bartosz.

David Schartner free commented 4 years ago


one question.If I use icons in my form. How can I change the color of the icons?

Thanks for help!

Konrad Stępień staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @David Schartner,

You can override styles in this way:

.md-form {
    color: red


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