Topic: Circular dependencies src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free and \pro

St Clair Clarke pro asked 7 years ago


I have done a clean install of angular-cli and reinstalling mdb-angular-pro v4.2

The app runs but I am getting the following in the console

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalContainerComponent.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalService.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalContainerComponent.ts

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalService.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalContainerComponent.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\free\modals\modalService.ts

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\sb-item.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\squeezebox.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\sb-item.ts

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\squeezebox.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\sb-item.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\accordion\components\squeezebox.ts

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toast-component.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toastr-service.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toast-component.ts

Circular dependency detected:
src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toastr-service.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toast-component.ts -> src\app\typescripts\angular-bootstrap-md\pro\alerts\toastr\toastr-service.ts

My previous installation did not have any such circular dependency warnings

roydictus pro commented 7 years ago

I have the same problem. I am running TypeScript 2.4.2, that may have something to do with it.

roydictus pro commented 7 years ago

It apparently does not, the same problem occurs with TypeScript 2.2.2.

roydictus pro commented 7 years ago

I didn't have this problem any more after upgrading to MDB Angular 4.2.0, with TypeScript 2.2.2. I have other problems now, with the changes to CSS etc you guys made :-/

Magdalena Obalska free answered 7 years ago

Could you send me your package? Here's my e-mail address:

Magdalena Obalska free answered 7 years ago

Hello, thank you for the message. Please, look at this case, where circular dependencies issue was solved:

Bldg25 pro commented 7 years ago

You are expecting us to modify MDB source?

Bldg25 pro commented 7 years ago

Your suggestion helps for when we use the components in context, but I see this warning every time I build my site.

St Clair Clarke pro commented 7 years ago

Thanks Magda, but the link did not help in finding a solution. Is this a bug that has resurfaced?


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