Topic: Component can't able to use inside our modules

navinsharma pro asked 5 years ago

Hello Guys Thanks for your wonderful work. We recently has some issue to using your components in our modules.  It works grate once we import into our app modules but because our project has several modules and we import all those modules into app modules , In this case we didn't able to use components . We also try to import directly in our modules with app module then we got following error :
Error: ToastModule is already loaded. It should only be imported in your application's main module.

I Think there might be some Lazy loading issue or something . Can you please help to sort this out.

Thanks again.

Dawid Adach pro answered 5 years ago

Dear navinsharma, as per our docs: You should import toast module once into your module and import service in all components (inheriting from module where you have imported Alerts) where you plan to use alerts.

tkt free commented 5 years ago

I'm still having this issue when importing into a SharedModule ( which is shared of course accross other modules) Also I saw that ToastModule has been re integrated into Do you have a solution as nothing seems to work right now ?

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