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Albert Stec free asked 5 years ago

Hi all! I have a modal which contains a component. The components contains of some simple form. I noticed that when I hide this modal and reopens it the data entered previously (in case I don't send the form) are stored so basically the component is alive when it is hidden.

I wonder if it is good approach. In case i have a dozen hidden modal components all of them will be alive whhich could trigger performance and consistency problems, couldnt it?

How to handle such case when I want have modal as whole another component?

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear @Albert Stec

We're not destroying our modals. We're hiding them. It may decrease your performance but in a very slight amount. You shouldn't bother with it.

There's no possibility to destroy (dispose) the modal component from your side.

Best Regards,


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