Topic: Console Error at a clean installation

Sok81 free asked 4 years ago

I made a clean installation of the angular admin pro template. I expect that there are no console error in it.

If I go to the login page and refresh the page, I receive many unsubscribe console errors and I can't figure where are these errors coming. This is happening not if I go to the login page, but if I am at login page and refresh the browser.

I upload a print screen of the error:

PS: The application is still working. I can change pages, make login with the code I added e.t.c., but I don't like the idea to have console errors. I never keep console errors at my code (I always search the reason and solve it) so I don't like to have errors at my starting code.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

We couldn't reproduce that on our end. Which version of the template do you use? Did you change anything in the template code or updated dependencies versions?

Sok81 free commented 4 years ago

I am using the latest 8.8 version. I have not made any changes. (I just made "npm install" to install the auto libraries). The error appear if you refresh at the login page: http://localhost:4200/pages/login

It does not appear any error if you go to login page from dashboard.

Sok81 free answered 4 years ago

Don't know the reason, but I solve the problem from app.component.ts adding some api checks at ngOnInit and removing the :void. I guess by making an api call, someway it checks subscription models. I just don't know why it "needs" this (before adding any api call at all - at a clean installation).

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