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hscottbray free asked 1 year ago

Looking to customize MDB Angular Accordion header. Would like to add an additional icon button that would run a separate function than open. I see that this could be done in JS, but is there a simple way to do this w/the Angular version?

See screenshot below. Clicking on the pencil icon, would run a function and not open/close the accordion.

enter image description here

There is no built-in method in the accordion component that support such a feature, but you can try to use stopPropagation method to block the default behavior of this element. Here is an example:

        <ng-template mdbAccordionItemHeader>
          <i class="fas fa-question-circle fa-sm me-2 opacity-70" (click)="$event.stopPropagation()"></i>Accordion Item #1
        <ng-template mdbAccordionItemBody>

SSNCBarracoders free commented 1 year ago

Thanks...was able to figure something out

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