Did something change with gitlab access?

Topic: Did something change with gitlab access?

mdbangular_es asked 2 months ago

I've had the the following line in my package.json file for my project for awhile now, and it's been working just fine

"ng-uikit-pro-standard": "git+https://oauth2:<--snip-->@git.mdbootstrap.com/mdb/angular/ng-uikit-pro-standard.git#8.10.0",

As of this morning, when I try to do an npm install or npm ci, it gets stuck (and as npm is wont to do, even verbose mode won't tell you what it's stuck doing)

If I remove ng-uikit-pro-standard from package.json, installation happens just fine!

So it looks like the problem is being able to retrieve the data.

If I do a

git clone "https://oauth2:<--snip-->@git.mdbootstrap.com/mdb/angular/ng-uikit-pro-standard.git#8.10.0"

I get the following

Cloning into 'ng-uikit-pro-standard.git#8.10.0'...
fatal: unable to update url base from redirection:
  asked for: https://oauth2:KEY@git.mdbootstrap.com/mdb/angular/ng-uikit-pro-standard.git#6.7.1/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack
   redirect: https://git.mdbootstrap.com/users/sign_in

I don't see any other warnings or errors... Did something about access change?

mdbangular_es commented 2 months ago

I am able to sign in and see https://git.mdbootstrap.com/mdb/angular/ng-uikit-pro-standard and see content there, so it doesn't seem like an account access problem in general.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 months ago

You should use this command to install ng-uikit-pro-standard dependency in your existing Angular app, no to clone the repository.

npm install "https://oauth2:<--snip-->@git.mdbootstrap.com/mdb/angular/ng-uikit-pro-standard.git#8.10.0"

Yes, I know. That was an attempt troubleshooting step.

The first bit I included was from my package.json file (as noted). It got there by doing exactly what you said and has been working for a long time.

With NO CHANGES at all, having done what you said, it suddenly stopped working.

That's what I need help understanding. Why would it stop working without me doing anything at all.

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