Topic: Floating label doesn't work with routing?

Matt Honeycutt free asked 6 years ago

I'm using the latest free version of MDB Angular.  I have a form that works just fine when I'm *not* using Angular's routing module, but if I take the exact same form, and load it via a route, the floating labels do not work anymore.  Clicking in the field doesn't seem to add the "active" class to the labels anymore. Here's my form: Any ideas?   This is with MDB Angular 4.3.2.  I can provide a full repo if that will help.

Austin Jensen free commented 6 years ago

I am having the same issue in Angular 5 utilizing the routing module on MDB Angular 4.3.7. I am attempting to use the default example given in the documentation.

Witold Tkaczyk free answered 6 years ago

Hello, make sure that you have mdbActive attribute at your input. if you have and it still doesn't seem to work properly you can try with adding to the related label [ngClass]="{ 'active': username }". This should fix the problem.
<div class="md-form">

  <input [value]="username"type="text"id="form6"class="form-control"mdbActive>

  <label [ngClass]="{ 'active': username }"for="form6">{{username}}</label>

Hope it helps Regards

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