Topic: Help for Mdb Angular Pro Installing

Brynquadel pro asked 1 month ago

Hello. I couldn't understand how to install it. I think npm install is not working for a single project, is this true? but then I can't download the latest version of Mdb Angular. So when I went to my profile and downloaded the Essential files, I saw that it was the old version. I also need to change the project name. Also the project works with "scss". I am working with "css". Also, pro components do not work in the Essential project. Actually, all I want is to add mdb pro components to my Angular 17 version project and use it. I'm looking for help on this issue. Also my version is MDB4? note. I did not receive any e-mail.

Brynquadel pro commented 1 month ago

So I ask for clarification. What should I do to install Mdb Pro Angular 17 on my own project? Should I use the latest version you provided?

Rafał Seifert staff commented 1 month ago

Could you specify what product have you bought so we could give you some clear steps how to install it? If you have single project licence then you won't be able to use npm to install packages. If you downloaded zip please tell us which. MDB4 is old library and will not work in Angular v17. You should use MDB5. Our library comes with scss files and there is no possibility to use our styles in css app.

Brynquadel pro answered 1 month ago

Component test: Select. Didn't work. There is problem.

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