Topic: How to add Angular PRO to existing app ?

karminek free asked 4 years ago

Hello, I have a working Angular app and I would like to add MDBPRO Angular to it. how to do it easiest? sorry for the level of the question but I'm a newbie here and in Angular.

karminek free answered 4 years ago

? really? it doesn't look good then. you misled me with this tutorial. I thought that it would be easy to change the look, but it looks like it would be a pointless fight

karminek free answered 4 years ago

thx man can you explain how to customize styles ?

this description is incomprehensible

where to put the _custom-variables.scss file in my application?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

This description will be updated in the near future. You should overwrite the specific css classes in your global styles.scss file or in the component scss file (it may be necessary to set component styles encapsulation to none in this case).

ankurnema free answered 4 years ago

I was also like you yesterday, What I did was, Downloaded their sample pro project and compared package.json and angular.json and copied differences that are related to pro and my app started working.

Some useful links:

Quick Start for Pro

Thankyou Page with project download file

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