Topic: How to use MDBootstrap Pro functionality in Landing page tutorial? pro asked 5 years ago

Hi ,I follow the tutorial for Landing Page by Michael Szymanski. In lesson 10 I want to add MDBootstrap Pro style 'smooth-scroll' to an ul so the navigation animates. This only works with MDB pro version. So far I have been using the free version (as the tutorial uses only this). I do have access to a Pro version: file But it is not clear to me how to access the pro features included in that file in my non-angular app (all html in index.html). Do I have to copy over the scss folder with scss files? How do I use the MDB Pro features in the index.html? Thank you, Marc

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Marc,

Michal's tutorial is only for jQuery version of MDB. If you want to achieve the effect which achieved Michal in his tutorial, you have to adapt code from his tutorial to your's Angular application.

If you copy code from your 10th lesson, it probably won't work in Angular. There's some differences.

If you  copy pro styles from MDB Angular to free MDB jQuery, it won't work, because they're not identical.

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Hi Damian, > You have access to our MDB Angular pro version. Do you use Angular components in non-angular app ? No, I use a non- angular app ( The tutorial is based on that free version which is not an angular app. All html / css is added to index.html. That works fine for the free version. In lesson 10 Szymanski instructs to add MDB Pro features in the index.html ( and since the free version does not contain the needed Bootsrrap / Angular classes I'm more or less stuck there. Yes, I do have the Pro distribution is integrated a NG app ( But how do I access these Pro features? Do I need to switch over to the Angular app and copy / paste all code from the index.html to the app.component.html in order to continue the tutorial? Or do I need to copy / past Pro features to the free distribution Or do I overlook something very obvious? Thanks, Marc

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Marc, Please,  correct me, if I understand you in wrong way. You have access to our MDB Angular pro version. Do you use Angular components in non-angular app ? In Angular, you don't need to put anything in your's index.html file. For adding new components, you have to edit your's app.component.html file located in src/app directory. If you don't know, how to use Angular, please check tutorial made by my other friend - Dawid. He's showing step-by-step, how to use MDB and Angular. Here's link to the tutorial: If something isn't clear, feel free to let me know. Best Regards, Damian

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