I have some truble about “nav-item dropdown”

ting asked 5 months ago


there is some different in two Web page。i cannot Click on the second “nav-item dropdown”

The right one:https://www.lxexpress.cn/Default.aspx

The wrong one:https://www.lxexpress.cn/WebPage/sfgz.aspx

This is an Chinese website,you can find the name “费用时效”,Number 4 on the left。

Thank you guys。



if you have the same MDB CSS and JS files and the same HTML syntax in both pages, please check your additional scripts and JS files because I see on this page where the dropdown is broken, when I click on dropdown, there are added animating classes and normally we don't add them. Also, I see you have the same ID in all your dropdowns, please change them to unique ones.

Correct dropdown:

Incorrect dropdown:


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