Topic: Install Method for Project with Gitlab CI/CD & Could not resolve host problem

raphael_tec360 premium asked 2 years ago

I have the following setup and need help with how to ideally install MDB Pro: Angular project, with repository on Gitlab. Certain actions will trigger a docker-build job in the CI/CD Pipeline. This will then build the application from scratch with the required packages. As I installed MDB Pro with npm it will also install MDB Pro in this way.

Unluckily this randomly creates the following error in 20-30 % of the builds

npm ERR! command git --no-replace-objects ls-remote https://oauth2:***
npm ERR! fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:

This is a bit annoying as it blocks the pipeline and I then need to restart the pipeline. Do you have any ideas to overcome this error? Is there a better way of installing MDB so that I'm not dependent on the availability of your git server?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

@raphael_tec360 Is this a full error message?

Other way to install MDB is to use .tgz archive which you can find in our zip packages (available in your MDB profile). You need to copy this file to your project and use npm install mdb-angular-ui-kit-version.tgz command.

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