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Topic: Installing Angular PRO version

john.acb pro asked 8 months ago

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I am following the documentation in the Angular Quick Start documentation ( and can't seem to get passed Step 4. I created the Access Token described in Step 4 but from here on in, doesn't seem to make sense (and by the way, the existing screenshots seem to be referring to a previous version of GitLab, the UI has changed some what).

I don't understand what URL Step 5 is referring to:

Navigate to given repository, switch GIT to HTTP and copy it's url i.e. :

What repository is this referring to???

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Damian Gemza staff answered 8 months ago

Dear @john.acb

It means, that copy the URL address, and use this link to create a command for installation

npm install git+https://oauth2:<your-token> --save

Now you see, what's going on there?

Best Regards,


john.acb pro answered 8 months ago

Hello Damian,

Still no luck. I get a bunch of error logs.

using npm@6.4.1 using node@v10.15.0 The project you were looking for could not be found. repository '' not found

Is it OK if I email you the entire error log file? @dgemza


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  • Technology: Angular
  • MDB Version: 8.0.0
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