Topic: Installing MDB Pro (Angular) via zip pro asked 6 years ago

Good Afternoon, I would like to know how it is possible to install your theme via the zip archive. The docs aren't helping because we have a specific use case. I've purchased and downloaded the pro version 5.1.1. Due to the fact that we have a private artifactory where we can host our packages (including the pro theme, beforehand we asked for your permission), we can't do the token-stuff you suggest. I checked the project structure of the pro theme and I realized that it is not the theme itself, it is more of a preview of the theme with the containing sources. My question is: What part of this project do I need to host on our artifactory to later import the Angular Modules via "import { MDBxxx } from 'mdbpro'" where I can then use MDBxxx.forRoot() ? And what is the purpose of the folder 'paczki'? I found 3 package.json files, consequently 3 publishable projects, but I have some issues with them
  • /dist/angular-bootstra-md/free (Is only the free version, hasn't the scss files)
  • /dist/angular-bootstrap-md/pro (Is only the pro version, hasn't the scss files)
  • /paczki/npm (Is only the free version, but at least contains everything)
I want something like this /paczski/npm directory, but including the pro components with a single index.js Can you guide me please?

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear, if you are using private repository the best option would be to put copy of the MDB PRO package available at our git repository ( and provide access to users to install them via npm similarly to what we offer to our customers. This would be the best option since you could install it as dependencies. As per zip installation option, entire code is located in /src/app/typescripts and scss files under /assets/* . You can define your project as its shown in our 5 min quick start: and import modules from /typescripts/ location or move the library to any folder you like and adjust corresponding paths. Please ignore "paczki" folder, it's obsolete and will be removed in future releases. pro commented 6 years ago

Thank you for your reponse. I understand. We solved the problem by splitting the package up into three different ones. One for the styles, the free mdb components and the pro ones. Also good to know that the paczki folder is obsolete.

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