Topic: Intro page parallax issue

geraint pro asked 4 years ago


There's something weird happening to the background image when I navigate away from an intro page and back again.  This is for on an intro page with parrallax (jarallax) e.g. the minimalist intro here

At first glance its not easy to spot as the default resolution hides the problem so please follow the steps below to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Open this link
  2. Zoom out on the browser as far as you can, noting that the image takes up the whole screen.
  3. click on "about" in the menu or the button in the middle. (observe the repeated image on the about page, Press F5 returns that page to a single image)
  4. click home.  (observe the repeated image again)
  5. press F5 to return the form to its original state. (single image) - update - just noticed that F5 is not working but reloading the original page shows the full image again.

I get the same behaviour if I navigate to any page from the home or about page and back again. Am I missing something obvious or is this a known issue?

My example site has no other styles other than the one from the example which I placed in the root styles.scss folder.  I don't get this issue if I remove the class="view jarallax" which of course is what I need to get the parallax effect.

Hopefully its an easy fix as this is driving me nuts.




Damian Gemza staff commented 4 years ago

Dear Geraint, Please try to add background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover styles to .view class to stylesheet which contains Minimalistic Intro styles. On my app this workaround fixed problem. Please let me know if my advice solves your problem or not. Best Regards, Damian

geraint pro commented 4 years ago

Yes, that solved it. Thanks Damian.

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