Make label of done button configurable in Timepicker similar to Datepicker

Johan Vandeweerd asked 10 months ago

The labels of the buttons in the Datepicker can be configured. Please provide the same option for the Timepicker.

Damian Gemza commented 9 months ago

Hello Johan,
In which way do you want to edit buttons in timepicker? Only to change text which buttons contains? Or you want to have an option that let you translate your's timepicker to other languages?
Please provide me your's expected behavior of our timepicker.
Best Regards,

Johan Vandeweerd commented 9 months ago

We only want to be able to change the text (just like the buttons of the Datepicker) so we can translate also the Done buttons of the Timepicker.

If we can configure the label using some @Input parameter, that would be fine.

Damian Gemza answered 9 months ago

Dear Johan,

For simple changing label of done button, please change it's text. Head into /pro/time-picker/timepicker.component.html and search for line 60. There you can change text of this button.

But if you need option that allows you to translate label of button to other languages (for example german, spanish, french, polish, etc), we have to write it.

PS: If you need only simple input, which allows you to change label of the button while you don't want to edit our source files, we will release it in our next update.

Please let me know one more time, what exactly do you need.

Best Regards,



Johan Vandeweerd commented 9 months ago

Hello Damian

We don't want to change the source ourselves because then we need to reapply the change when we update the mdb library.

A simple input is enough for us. We can wait for the next release for this.

Kind regards
Johan Vandeweerd

Damian Gemza commented 9 months ago

Johan, i implemented this simple input today's morning. Please wait until we'll release our update :) it should be live in this week.
Best Regards,

Johan Vandeweerd commented 9 months ago

Cool! Thanks for the quick update!

Damian Gemza commented 9 months ago

Glad that could help you.
Closing ticket.
Best Regards,

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