Topic: mdb 5 andgular ui kit pro advanced installation

fabricesb priority asked 2 years ago

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How do I effectively install mdb5 angular ui kit pro-advanced? (i prefer using npm) I know there is documentation for this, but my experience showed me that it is not that straightforward. I also want to be sure I have installed the right bundle before i can start asking questions.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 2 years ago

@fabricesb Advanced license gives you access to the additional components that are not a part of the mdb-angular-ui-kit package. If you want to use GitLab installation you just need to install mdb-angular-ui-kit (essential) and specific plugins separately. You can find a guide here:

Could you please provide more information about any problems you have encountered while using our documentation? Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

fabricesb priority commented 2 years ago

I am still unable to install mdb using the documentation guide.

fabricesb priority commented 2 years ago

Ok, my bad! this is a git issue. your suggestion worked as expected.

What i mentioned did not work was this:

npm i git+

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