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Michael He pro asked 5 years ago

Hi Awesome MDB team, I am the user of MDB-Pro angular version and I have a couple of questions.Sorry for that I am new to MDB and some questions might be very basic.
  1. I have read online documents and could not find API definition pages, I wondered there are any API docs or not. In case that online does not provide API document, is it possible to provide me the API docs as it is hard to find all usages without reading the source code.
  2. I found there are 2 version for me in the source code - free and pro. Can you please advice how to merge these 2 into one folder, I am using Angular5 in my project.
  3. In case that i use MDB for production, what do I need to do?
Please kindly check and reply, thanks. Thanks & Best Regards, Michael

DanielNetzer free commented 5 years ago

Hello Michael, i'm not a part of the MDB team but I can try and answer your questions. 1. All the API Documents are found on the website, as most of the components are mostly UI oriented there is no need for an API. if you look at the Modal documentation you can find at the end of the page the API functionality of that component. 2. to merge both of this packages you need to have only the pro module in your app.module.ts (can you attach your app.module.ts and package.json files?) 3. you can use it easily in production as I'm doing the same, its AOT compatible and compile perfectly and seamlessly.

Michael He pro commented 5 years ago

Hi DanielNetzer, You are so nice that answer my questions even you are not staff. Thank you very much for the answer, it is really helpful! Regards, Michael

Dawid Adach pro answered 5 years ago

Dear Michael He, @DanielNetzer provided you with a good answer (thank you), let me just slightly extends it.
  1. You can find API Documentation in our online docs. Some of the components do not expose API, but those which do that, also describe the methods i.e.:
  2. Following versions are complementary, pro extends free so there is no need to merge them, simply include both as it's mentioned here:
  3. Simply create a production build using either JIT or AOT compiler depending on your preferences. (Since Angular 5, AOT is default compiler for production build)

Michael He pro answered 5 years ago


Michael He pro answered 5 years ago

Hi Dawid, Thank you for your prompt reply and I am really impressed your great support. I got more confidence that use MDB to production as I really can get support from you guys. According to the answer from you and DanielNetzer, I know that I need to do more homework. Will ask support going forward in case of any more technical queries. Sorry again for the basic questions! :)   Best Regards, Michael  

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