Topic: 'mdb-card-header' is not a known element with Angular Material / Bootstrap

Harris free asked 4 years ago


I have created a message on Stackoverflow regarding a problem with not working with SCSS/CSS. Although this one was answered, I was looking for an answer that would work with all components (and not just buttons). The real problem I had was with the Login Component. My thoughts were that if the Button issue was resolved, the Login Component issue would ~also~ be solved. Since that is not the case, I have created a new message:

'mdb-card-header' is not a known element with Angular Material / Bootstrap

Again, any info pointing to what the problem is would be appreciated.


Konrad Stępień staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @Harris,

Did you try import MDBBootstrapModulesPro.forRoot(),

Also, you can visit page about MDB modules. You Can import one module to your project.

in your authorization.module.ts file?

Harris free commented 4 years ago

Hi, the problem was resolved with Stackflow message:

Closing the post


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