Topic: MDB looks to be getting in the way of bootstrap

Dante Jackson pro asked 6 years ago

So i have an existing Angular 5 project that has some css references is referring to the a file called bootstrap.min.css inside the bootstrap project ("/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css")When we include the Angular 5 MDB references (including adding the mdb scss references in the angular-cli), our nav-bar doesnt work anymore.  From what i can tell, it looks as tho our nav-bar is referring to some css variables in the bootstrap.min.css file that its not able to 'see' anymore......variables like: $bg-top-menu-item-focus:black; $bg-top-menu-item-collapse-arrow-down: white url(/assets/arrow-down-blue.jpg) no-repeat right center; $bg-top-menu-item-collapse-arrow-up:white url(/assets/arrow-up-blue.jpg) no-repeat right center; All that said, where's the equivalant scss file that has the same references as bootstrap.min.css?

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear Dante, depending on the way you use our library (boilerplate vs npm install), bootstrap scss files are located:



npm install:


Dante Jackson pro commented 6 years ago

Dawid, I'm actually using angular bootstrap. From what i get from your response, it looks as if i need have buy the regular mdb bootstrap version for my solution to be solved. I was under the impression that the file would somewhere in the root/node_modules/angular-bootstrap-md/ folder. thoughts?

Dawid Adach pro commented 6 years ago

Dear Dante, MDB contains Bootstrap, therefore, there is no need to use angular bootstrap separately. As I mentioned in the original answer, bootstrap css are stored under: root/node_modules/ng-mdb-pro/assets/scss/bootstrap/

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