Topic: mdb select showing 2 items selected

dxl pro asked 6 years ago

This issue can be reproduced on the demo site:
  1. Select an option that's not the default (e.g. Option 2).
  2. Open select box to change the selection. Notice that Option 2 is always highlighted, even if you hover over another option. This was not the case in Step 1 (with the default option).
This looks even worse on mobile. At step 2 when user taps the dropdown, he sees 2 options selected at the same time!

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear dxl, I checked following component on both desktop and mobile and it worked like designed. Once you choose the option, it will remain chosen (highlighted) until new options are chosen. Otherwise, the user could forget his choice.

dxl pro commented 6 years ago

Thanks for checking. If user forget choice, can't he simply click elsewhere (outside combo)? No other UI components have this behavior- not default HTML selects or material angular. It looks confusing to end user. because it's unfamiliar behavior. If you're not willing to change the behavior, please at least make it customizable.

Dawid Adach pro commented 6 years ago

Dear dxl, I am not sure if I got your point. Would it be possible for you to record your screen and show behaviour which you are referring to? This will clarify if we are on the same page. Thanks

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