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Karman40 priority asked 2 years ago

Dear Support!

A few days ago, both old and new projects incorrectly displayed imported modules with MDB. in demo.module.ts everything is fine in the file and IDE can find the import (offer and import it here).

You will then receive the following error: Component or directive matching mdb-navbar element is out of the current Angular module's scope

This applies to all MDB items, not just 1 item. The error also occurs with freshly installed and old projects, where there has been no problem so far.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

@Karman40 We didn't change anything in the module names in the latest updates, please try to remove node_modules and package-lock and try to reinstall the dependencies.

Karman40 priority commented 2 years ago

@Arkadiusz Idzikowski did not solve the problem.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

@Karman40 I think I misunderstood the problem at first. It looks like there is something wrong with your component/module architecture. The component in which you try to use mdb-navbar is declared in a module that does not have NavbarModule import.

You probably need to reimport NavbarModule in other module/modules.

Karman40 priority commented 2 years ago

@Arkadiusz Idzikowski Not only is there a problem with the nav module, but with all the mdb modules. It is imported (see attached image).

The code works fine, but the IDE doesn't recognize it. With a previous project, it was received after a re-paste. the attached image shows '@ elit-it / mdb'. The full value is with the ng-uikit-pro package, just to simplify the installations and install it as a private npm package.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 2 years ago

@Karman40 It is a problem in your IDE, not in the MDB library configuration. You would need to report it to the authors of this tool.

From what I found, many people have a similar problems when using Angular:

Karman40 priority commented 2 years ago

@Arkadiusz Idzikowski The error is very similar, but only occurs with MDB4.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

@Karman40 I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to fix that on our end. It doesn't look like a problem caused by the library imports. If your app modules are configured correctly then it must be a problem with IDE mentioned in the thread I provided.

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